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Bumper Mount Information and Instructions

The bumper mounts are based on a ball lock mechanism that requires activation for both installation and removal to prevent accidental detachment and provides a tensile strength of over 500 pounds. To prevent rust all steel parts in the bumper mounts are black oxide coated to allow teams to reuse them from year to year.

Our Bumper Mounts were designed for and tested on robots during the 2022 single day event format. Where match turn arounds were in the 4-7 minute timeframe and every second of pit time mattered. The 1-2 minutes saved from changing bumpers makes a big difference in those quick turn arounds. 

The horizontal system, for teams that use four individual bumpers, allows teams to keep hands completely outside of the frame perimeter when installing and releasing bumpers. This enables teams to design and build mechanisms the full width of the robot while maintaining easy access to the bumper mechanisms. So no more impossible, time consuming reaching around the mechanisms to get to bumper pins or latches. The horizontal system requires a simple hex key or t-handle to activate.

The vertical system is for teams that use the two C’s or ring design bumpers. Just reach over the bumper and press an easy to access button. Steel brackets are available to support the corners of these types of bumpers. Vertical Bumper Mounts provide the same quick release but without the need for a tool. These systems can be mixed and matched to meet your team's specific needs.

Bumper Mount Instalation Instructions

When using Bumper Mounts you need to do some planning on mount locations and heights before you install. You can use CAD or hand measurements to do this. Go check out our videos on bumper layout to help with this. 



Bumper Mount Selector

The best way to figure out what Bumper Mount Kit is best for your application we recommend asking yourself the following questions.

- What Type of Frame will you have? (Will you have frame all around your robot or will you have exposed wheels on the sides )

     -If tank style you'll need to make

- Do you need a frame opening?

- Do you have room to reach into the frame perimeter? (Full width intake or other mechanism)

    -If yes You may want to look into our horizontal line of bumper mounts. While it means you have to use a tool to unlock them they can be used completely outside of the frame perimeter. 

    - If no both types of mount will work

- Do you need to remove a bumper to replace the battery? (Think about high maintenance mechanisms as well) 

    - If you need to remove a bumper to replace a battery or mechanism it may be easier to have multiple sections of bumper rather than a ring. 


When it comes down to it there is no one solution for every type of bumper mounting 


Bumper Mount Videos

Rough Usage Videos