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Drive Corner Information and Instructions

The Plummer Industries Drive Corner is our swerve module product line designed for teams competing in FRC. Robust engineering practices make the Drive Corner one of the lightest, most compact, and most durable swerve modules available.   The Drive corner is easy to maintain during competitions and allows for fast turn-around. Super-efficient drivetrain creates speed and agility with a low center of gravity.



  • Main Plates are 5/16" thick 6061-T6 with 1/4" thick mounting points
  • 2.5 Inch wheel diameter
  • Belt driven azimuth for minimal backlash
  • Hardened steel 4140 drive gears
  • 2.9 lbs. without motors
  • Apx. 6.3 inch total height with NEO drive motor
  • 1 - 13/16” (1.8125") frame clearance to floor
  • Invertible plates for more packaging options
  • Fast, two screw motor replacement 
  • Center of wheel only 1.875" from edge of frame for max stability


Starting from the floor and working up, the Wheel is a 2.5-inch diameter wheel that accepts standard FRC wheel tread. The Wheel includes features that interface with the Wheel Miter Gear to minimize torque load on the bolts.  The Wheel rides on a 3/8" 4140 custom Axle with two shielded bearings. The wheel is mounted into a 1-piece Wheel Mount with integrated spacers for easy assembly.  The Wheel Mount transfers the load into the Lower Plate through a set of IGUS bushings. Above the wheel mount, there is a custom Azimuth Pulley that transfers the steering torque through a locating pin. The Spider sits above the Azimuth Pulley and holds the upper bearing for the one-piece Miter Pinion that is designed to minimize backlash and number of components. The Spider fully encloses the drive gears to prevent grease sling-off and to protect the drive gears from foreign objects. The top of the Miter Pinion has a steel Driven Gear that is driven by the Drive Motor Pinion that is supported on the motor shaft by a bearing in the top of the Spider. The Drive Motor is mounted to the Upper Plate with a Motor Mount for ease of replacement. The Azimuth Motor is attached to the bottom of the Upper Plate and drives the Intermediate Shaft via a 3mm GT belt. The torque is then transferred to the Azimuth Pinion via another belt. The Azimuth Pinion is what drives the Azimuth Pulley for the final steering ratio of 28:1. 

Layout Drawings

Drive Corner Assembly Instructions

DR-2.5 -

When assembling your Drive Corner you should need the following tools-

  • 3/16"  Hex key or T- handle
  • 5/32"  Hex key or T- handle
  • 9/64" Hex Key or T-handle 
  • 1/8"  Hex key or T- handle

Start by laying all the parts out in front of you. 

More to come soon- 

Drive Corner Selector

The best way to figure out what drive corner is best for your application we recommend asking yourself the following questions.

- How much ground clearance do you need?  ( are there bumps on the field? )

     -The DR-2.5 has 1.5 Inches of ground clearance from the bottom of the frame tube

- Do you need more room on one side of your robot? (Intake or other mechanism)

    -Inline Plates give you more room on one side of your robot

- How fast do you want your robot to go?

      - For all our Drive Corners we offer different gearing options

Drive Corner Speeds With Neos - 5000RPM
Gear Ratios low Med High
2.5" WheelsN/A~13.5 Fps~16.75 Fps


Now, with all those questions answered you should be able to put together a part number for a drive corner.

DC- (Wheel size) - (Gear Ratio) - (Options) 

   - Options are as follows

   (L) - is for Linear plates



DRive Corner Videos